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About Heather Gowrie

During the day, I am a IAM Engineer and Consultant specializing in Identity and Access Management Governance and Provisioning Systems. I love translating the technical requirements into usable software and processes that anyone can understand. On top of working full time, I find time to work on a degree in Information Security. And if that wasn’t enough - my hobbies include reading comic books, trying to pack too much into a small suitcase, and drinking a lot of coffee. At this time. I am not looking for a new position - all projects and consulting assignments I work on are through IDMWORKS contracts. To contact us or for more information, please visit our website at

What is Missing

Well, my daily posts seem to be more like weekly posts but in reality the writing is what is important so oh well…

I’ve been thinking about the news a lot lately. The reason? I’ve become a person who doesn’t read or watch the news and I want to turn that around. I want to be informed about what is happening in the world around me and gain insight at the same time. However, I’m finding it hard to find a valid news source that doesn’t seem more focused on the potential clicks gained from a splashy headline and instead is writing solid journalism that informs and enlightens.

Maybe I need to leave the internet news and instead focus on print. I think I’ll try that this week.


Day 1

This month, I’m spending time diving into mass media and the internet. Why? Because I’m going back to basics with my writing and working through the basics again. I find this very helpful when trying to refresh my skills and sharpen my writing. As part of this exercise, I’ll be posting a small amount of nonsense every day. Feel free to move along, nothing to see here.